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How to Start Online Business

How to Start Online Business – The Necessity of Integrating Amazon or EBay

In the online business setting, one hardly becomes successful on their own. Everyone needs help from the outside and many have benefited tremendously from partnering with two giants in the business – Amazon and EBay. Following are sets of questions one should ask before integrating with either or both of these big giants in the industry.

How to Start Online Business with Amazon Integration Online Business: On Fees

Fees are minimal, but surely you would like to know the actual figures.

  • How much is the monthly payment?

    Monthly payment for the integration service is less than $100. Surely, it won’t hurt your pocket much if you shell out $39.99 per month for Amazon services or $99.00 per month for EBay services. Amazon has transaction based fees aside from the monthly fees. EBay bills annually.

  • What are the specific Amazon or EBay Integration services that could help you on how to start online business?

    Amazon and EBay have slightly different services. Basically, you will get shipping management, inventory management, multichannel management, accounting, purchasing management, supply management and ordering management services.

How to Start Online Business –Service Usage

Both Amazon and EBay make it comfortable for clients to have an easy access to the benefits they are offering. How-to-start-online-business questions along this line are the following:

  • Are there fees for setting up an account?


    No, there are no setup fees. Anyone can start integration without paying anything.

  • Are there minimums and long-term contracts?

    There are no minimum requirements for selling and advertising through Amazon or EBay. You can start out with one product. In addition, there are no long-term contracts. The scheme is very convenient with its pay-as-you-go pricing and structure.

  • Do they offer free trial?

    Yes, they do. New account holders are entitled to a 30-day free trial. With this system, you will not have to worry too much about the risk on the money.

How to Start Online Business – On Ecommerce Functionality

Personal time management is of utmost importance on how to start online business. Amazon and EBay know this, so they are taking much of the business load off your shoulder.

  • Do I have to setup a merchant account?

    The answer is no. Amazon and EBay will do the collection of customer payments for you. Then, they will send your profits straight to your personal or business account, whichever you prefer.

  • Do they install the new infrastructure?

    Yes, and they will go even beyond installation. They will install, host and manage the new infrastructure. All you have to do is give your inputs and they will gladly do the necessary changes. Remember, you will pay nothing for these services.

  • Can I customize the website setup?

    Yes, you can. Amazon and EBay offer free widgets and templates that you can customize. Just learn a few tricks about these matters and then pick the setup that you think will give the best result for you.

How to start online business should be quick and easy with the right helping hands being around. Partnering with any of the time-tested giants would make it extra easy for you to earn big money.