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How to Sell On Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon – Integration Service Features

It is a must that your business integrates Amazon. Recently, Amazon has been listed as the most-loved retail brands by New Media Metrics. Learn how to sell on Amazon and make unprecedented leaps in your business. Know the answers to important questions about this integration service.

Ecommerce Front End Questions About How To Sell On Amazon

Amazon is a very successful business. This is because they made a functional and customer-friendly website. Study How To Sell On Amazon and apply their techniques in your own business. Important questions related to Ecommerce Front End would be:

  • What are the features related to how to sell on Amazon, particularly store design, store management, merchandising?

    Once your business becomes integrated with Amazon, you will learn how to properly design and manage your website. You will have access to their winning templates, the Widget Library, and File Library. On the merchandising side, Amazon will teach you how to design the customer review and comment page, integrate with popular social media sites, and make use of rollover zoom and swatches functions.

  • How to sell on Amazon: What are the features that are related to Ecommerce functionality?

    Your customers will have a nice time searching and browsing your website. Amazon will teach you how to ensure that customers will be happy when they go around your website and when they make purchases. They will show you where to properly locate the shopping cart, how to write and display the product’s details and how to make checkout experience hassle-free for buyers.

How to Sell on Amazon: Transactional Layer Questions

Transacting with your clients will become very convenient with Amazon by your side. Here are two important questions regarding this.

  • On how to sell on Amazon, what are the features related to ordering?

    The system features unique order processing, status tracking and messaging, returns and buyer communication methods. All of these are geared towards keeping the customer informed of the details and whereabouts of their purchases. The system uses different channels of communications to ensure that important messages reach the buyer.

  • On how to sell on Amazon, what are the features related to Fulfillment and Logistics?

    Under Fulfillment and Logistics, you will enjoy FBA integration, marketplace shipping service, merchant fulfilled network and prime free shipping integration. With these features, you can be sure your products will come to your customers on time. The delivery system makes use of a lot of back-ups or contingency measure just in case something happens along the way. In addition, most products featured and sold by Amazon have no delivery charges.

How to Sell on Amazon: The Matter of Fees

Make sure that you know how much you are going to pay for this how-to-sell-on-Amazon service. This question is answered below.

  • How to Sell on Amazon: What are the fees?

    The fees are very affordable. Your business will become popular and no matter how much your profits will soar, Amazon will cut only a little from them. They charge only 1% against successful purchase transactions and $39.99 for monthly service. If you make one million in revenues in a month, all you have to pay Amazon is only $10,039.99. You take the big bulk of the money home while making sure that your company is in good hands with Amazon.