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How Do I Start Selling on Amazon

How Do I Start Selling on Amazon – Understanding Amazon Payments

The payment system is an important aspect of an online business and it is often the target of complaints. It is therefore important that you look into this aspect as you consider how-do-I-start-selling-on-Amazon integration. Are there problems with the payment system? Check the following related questions.

Basic Questions on Amazon Integration Fees

Many businessmen have been grappling with the question “How do I start selling on Amazon?” less the worries about payment problems that were mentioned above. Some of the basic questions about the Amazon payment system would be:

  • Do I need to have extra payment gateway services?

    No. Amazon will give you payment services, over and above the services they give that are related to website maintenance and functionality, marketing and traffic-driving, website design tools, and fulfillment. These services will be yours for only $39.99.

  • Is the Amazon payment easy to install and use?

    The answer is yes. If you will use the Checkout system of Amazon, the first step is to create a payment button which the customers can click when placing orders. In the Resources section, use the tools there to communicate with your customers that payment through Amazon is already accepted.

How Do I Start Selling on Amazon: Questions about Getting Paid

  • How can I access funds?

    You have to set up a checking account first. You must then specify your Automated-Clearing-House-enabled checking account with Amazon. This is where Amazon will directly deposit your funds.

  • Can I confirm shipments of orders?

    You may confirm shipments of orders, but make sure that you do so within 30 days after the sales are completed. You must confirm all shipments because it is required for payments.

How Do I Start Selling on Amazon: Questions on Account Reserve

  • What is an account reserve?

    Simply put, this is the maintaining balance required on accounts of all who use Amazon services. Don’t worry, the “reserve” consists of only a small part of the funds. The purpose of such is to build confidence among customers in making purchases with Amazon and to avoid filing of cases in court by customers.

  • How does Amazon determine the reserve amount?

    Amazon makes use of a tiered method in determining the amount of money that will be put in “reserve”. The reserve can also change on a daily basis and the change depends on the volume of recent transactions and the kind of history a merchant is building.

    There are three tiers – Tier I, Tier II and Tier II plus - in the reserve system. The more one goes up in this tier system, the lesser reserve amount is required. You will be placed under observation in the first 14 days. After passing the observation period, you will then be placed under Tier I. If you reach the highest level, the reserve requirement will be waived.

If some of your how-do-I-start-selling-on-Amazon questions have not been answered here, just make a visit on the Amazon Integration website. You’ll get the actual payment figures there.